Service provider:

Kamberovo Šetalište 12
Kaštel Stari, 21216, Croatia
ID 61292837669

"Venus" provides diving tourism services as follows ;

  • diving training
  • diving trips
  • rental of diving equipment
  • renting of watercraft without operator
  • servicing sports equipment
  • transport by boat or boat for excursions, cruises or sightseeing
  • other tourist services

Service user

The user of our services is any legal and natural person who reserves and consumes our services or signs a business cooperation agreement. Prices are in Croatian Kuna and include VAT.

Protection of your personal information

The service provider is committed to protecting the privacy of his clients and the confidentiality of personal information is guaranteed. We collect information to provide the best possible service to our customers.
We keep personal information for business purposes and do not share it with third parties.


Payment is made online on websites or at booking places in Split with our business partners or at the diving center (by card or cash).


For a reservation in advance, it is necessary to pay 30% of the amount.

Cancellation of reservations

Venus' right is to cancel the reservation and offer a change (alternate appointment) if circumstances beyond our control occur (weather conditions, sudden events that cannot be predicted or avoided). The organizer also reserves the right to cancel the service if circumstances that may endanger the safety of participants arise.
In case it is not possible to perform the offered replacement activity, "Venus" is obliged to make a refund of the entire paid amount of the reservation in case of a paid reservation.

Cancellation policy

In the event that the "Venus" client cancels the reservation when 30% of the reservation amount has been paid:
The amount paid is not returned if the client cancels less than 7 days before the agreed date.
The amount paid is returned in full if the client cancels 7 days or earlier from the agreed date.
In the event that the "Venus" client cancels the reservation when 100% of the reservation amount has been paid:
* cancellation of reservation 7 days or earlier, full refund of payment
* cancellation of reservation 3-7 days before, refund of 50% of payment
* cancellation of the reservation up to 3 days before, there is no refund of the payment, but the user can arrange an alternative time in which he can consume the paid service

In case the user of the service did not consume the service for personal reasons or did not consume it completely (fear, mood swings, inability to equalize pressure, etc.), the entire amount of the service will be charged.

Liability and accident insurance
In all its activities, Venus has secured the users of its services from an unfortunate event and from the responsibilities of the activity manager.
It is the obligation of the users of our services to sign the corresponding statements of responsibility.

Venus' Obligations to the Users of Our Services
"Venus" undertakes to comply with the Padi standards and procedures, legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia and all positive customs in the provision of services in tourism.
"Venus" is not responsible for theft, loss, breakage, etc. of personal belongings and techniques.
Venus is not responsible for injuries, accidents and fatalities during the course of the activity.
Service users use all services at their own risk.

Obligations of service users

The user is obliged to get acquainted with the activity before performing a particular activity, which will be explained to him by the activity manager in the context of briefing.
It is the obligation of the users of our services to sign the corresponding statements of responsibility.


It is the duty of the service user to return the equipment in full and without damage after performing the activity. In case of loss or damage of the equipment, it will be charged according to the price list presented at the diving center reception.
The service user is obliged to inspect the equipment in charge and report any defects / defects to the activity manager.
In the event that the service user causes damage to the vessel intentionally or unintentionally, the damage may be compensated upon completion of the activity or subsequently by legal action.

Addressing complaints

Pursuant to Article 6, point 3 of the Law on the provision of services in tourism (Official Gazette 130/17), a tourist service user is allowed to file a written complaint at a diving center; Kamber's promenade 12, 21216 Kaštel Stari, Croatia or by post or e-mail to:

Kralja Petra Svačića 43
Hr-21215 Kaštel Lukšić, Croatia

Or on email:
No later than 15 days after consuming the service, the customer submits a written complaint at the diving center or by mail or e-mail.
The Organiser will only receive fully documented complaints that it receives within the specified 15-day deadline and confirm its receipt in writing without delay. The organizer is obliged to make a written decision on this complaint within 15 days upon receipt of the complaint.
The organiser may postpone the deadline for resolving the complaint by collecting information and verifying the complaint allegations by up to 15 more days.


All disputes shall be settled by agreement acceptable to both parties, and in the event of failure to reach an agreement, the jurisdiction of the Court of Split shall be accepted.