It is enough to book a dive and provide basic information (yes / no certificate, gender, height, weight and shoe number). In the event that a dive boat arrives at a meeting point, your equipment will be waiting for you. Just bring a towel, a swimsuit and something dry to change after a dive. We also have a meeting point for taxi pickup (the beginning of Tolstoy Street in Split, ie the intersection of Tolstoy Street and Marina Holding Street). There, a taxi picks up divers and brings them to our dive center (about 20 minutes drive).
We only accept cash on board, and in case you come to our diving center in Kastel Stari or Split - booking point, payment by credit and debit cards is possible as well as online payment when booking directly on the site.
Beginners without experience and diving certification can be offered INTRO DIVE and DISCOVER SCUBA DIVE. See offer on pages under "TRY DIVE EXPERIENCE"
We have been offering the Bublemaker diving program for children since 8 years. Children 10 years of age can access the Intro Dive, Discover Scuba Diver, or enroll in the Junior Open Water Diver course (10-14 years old)
The Padi Open Water Diver course takes an average of 5 days, and very often it is possible to complete it in 4 days. In the event of partial completion of training or termination of the course due to illness or any other reason, the student pays only the completed part of the training and receives a "Padi forwarding form" with which he can continue training at any other Padi diving center at a time convenient to him. How to finish the course as fast as possible? The answer is e-learning, or more recently, by purchasing digital touch course materials. In both cases, the theoretical part with the quizzes and the exam ends at home in your spare time, and the practical part is reserved at the diving centre. The practical part can be completed in 3-4 days.
Unfortunately, if you are not certified by any of the diving associations recognised by the RSTC, we can only offer "intro dive" (1 dive) and "discover scuba dive" (2 dives). You can be on board with certified divers but you will dive separately with an instructor up to max. 12 meters.
Of course you can go along with certain rules. Certified divers must adjust to the limits of non-certified divers, in which case they can dive together.
In case we have a situation where we have beginners and certified divers on board, in that case we divide the group into 2 groups and each group has its own diving instructor and dives according to its plan. We have to mention here that we have a lot of diving sites where both inexperienced and experienced divers can dive and make everyone happy.
Non-divers can also board the ship if we have room. They pay for the excursion as "non-divers" or opt for "snorkeling", in which case they will receive basic snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and short diving suit) and can view the bottom from the surface as most of our diving positions are also suitable for snorkeling.
Certificate, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, dry clothes for post-dive change, possibly snacks or a sandwich ... We always have fresh water on board and waterproof bags or storage tanks.
Yes of course. The diving center is located in a building by the sea in which there are 4 apartments with a total capacity of 17 beds. If our apartments are full, there are numerous accommodation options in the area around the diving center, from renting apartments, rooms to hotel accommodation or holiday homes with pools. In Split we have many partners who can offer their apartments and there are also numerous hotels ...
Call us or fill out the contact form on the site or email us at or or send us a message (whatsup or viber or sms) on +385994284400 or +385912271480
The half-day excursion lasts from 3 to 5 hours (from departure to return), depending on whether it is a planned excursion that includes 1 or 2 dives and how far the diving locations go. The best time to book is to get a more accurate schedule.
For "intro dive" and "discover scuba dive", a student does not have to be a swimmer. We have to mention that Venus Diving Center instructors have quite a lot of experience with non-swimmers.
Of course divers from other associations can also dive with us. There are dozens of different diving associations in the world. The only thing that matters to us is that the association's certificate is recognized by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC), an international association for divers training standards.